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  • The Randman

The Randman

  • A bit about me

    Name: Randall John Rodrigues

    Birthday: May 13th

    nickname: randman

    Undergrad: Univ. of Georgia

    Major: Microbiology and Genetics

    Grad School: Washington University in St. Louis

    Masters: Immunology

    Facebook: Facebook me!

    Skype: randman_rjr

    Skype: randman_mobile

    AIM: RRodrig751

    Xbox live: Randman 671

    Favorite Book: The Lord of The Rings

    Favorite Movie: The Matrix

    Favorite Foods: Steak, Taco Bell, Pork Chops, and Chicken & Dumplings

    Favorite Candy: Starburst

    Favorite Quote: Life is tough, Life is really tough if you're stupid. by John Wayne

    Hobbies/Interests: technology, photography, medicine, science, video games, skateboarding, snorkeling, ocean kayaking, and fishing

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Live from Vacationland!

  • A bit about my blog

    Hello and welcome to my blog!

    I hope everyone likes the new look of my blog! I'd love to hear what you think...just drop me a line.

    This is my personal blog which I post the latest and greatest chronicles of my family and I. I also post things which I find interesting and worth sharing with my friends and family. Lastly, it's also my personal soapbox, so from time to time I'll rant a little.

    Do you have Google Earth?

    Wanna see where we live? Just click on the following link and you'll download a .kmz file. After it downloads, double-click the .kmz file and Google Earth will open and you'll fly to our house!

    The Rodrigues Home

Rodrigues Digital Media

  • Rodrigues Digital Media

    For a period of time I was taking pictures professionally in Guam. I did mostly youth sports photos and a few events. I designed a website to support the business. Feel free to check it out if you have some time.

The Rod Bender

  • Here is a picture of my old boat

    The Rod Bender

National Rifle Association

  • NRA

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December 18, 2012


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    • Where are all of the randman's posts from Guam?

      I recently archived all of the content of Blog bLog blOg bloG from Guam to a separate archive site.

      You can access the archives here: Guam Archives

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